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March 2023 Horoscopes


You need to learn to live independently. Financial codependency needs to stop. You can take care of yourself and your family. You have overextended yourself in taking care of everyone else, it’s time for you. Take care of the way you look, spend time loving yourself, creating a cozy home and learning about who you are. Always remember to be compassionate and down to earth but never lose focus on the life you are building. The time has come to take your relationship more serious. Faithfulness is an issue that needs to be implemented into this relationship, stop taking it for granted. You’ve entered a new chapter in your life where you are future oriented, you know what you want and what you deserve, you will do anything to get it. Life is serious for you know, you see yourself becoming more confident.


You are fooling yourself. There is a person in your life that is creating deceptions, fears and feelings of insecurity around you. If this is an ex, they will return. All though you have been waiting for their return I see that it will cause a lot of turmoil within. For the simple fact that this person tends to keep their feelings to themselves. There is much uncertainty in your future, particularly in your love life. You are being asked by the Universe to go with the flow and things will eventually unfold. Give yourself time to heal before engaging in a relationship.

Gemini you are feeling unfulfilled, there is someone you are missing. You never expected to feel this way about them, but they consume your daily thoughts. You are successful in your career and your finances, but you still long for this person. You might have tried to let go of this relationship in hopes of finding someone new, who would give you Commitment. No one compared to the partnership you had with them. For others of you, I see that your singlehood, your freedom was more important to you then becoming committed to someone. Now that you have what you wanted you are feeling unhappy. The Universe is asking you to admit you were wrong, reach out to this person. They are longing for you just as much as you long for them.


You have a new idea in mind. Make sure you write down all your dreams because you are being guided by your Higher self. The Universe is urging you to cut cords with toxicity from the past. This could be in-laws, a boss, negative self-talk or a relationship of any kind. There is so much hatred and jealousy around you. Which tells me you are doing something right, so keep on going & let the haters hate. I will warn you to think before you speak, as your words are very sharp and cutting at the moment. Just calm down a bit. Take a deep breath. There is a big opportunity ahead, something to do with your intellect, education or even surgery. You have this immense ability to overcome obstacles and adversaries, do not second guess yourself. Be mindful to not abuse your power & authority. Simply come from a place of love and integrity. That’s when you will be victorious.


You’re becoming the person you wanted to be. It’s now time to take action, you’ll succeed as long as you move forward with determination. You’re overcoming obstacles, confusion and doubt. Your heart and mind are finally in sync. You know exactly what you want and deserve. If you feel that your partner is moving a little too fast, it’s ok to tell them to slow down. Set boundaries, talk about what you expect from this relationship. Relationships take time to grow and develop. Trust is always earned with time. Don’t settle, if you feel like you’re being strung along. Your finances are going well, you are settling debt, working on your credit score and saving money. It’s a good idea to reward yourself with a weekend getaway but whatever you do, spend wisely.


You are overworking yourself Virgo. I understand that the past year was very stressful and disorganized for you. But you must learn to slow down. You have an immense amount of energy right now, rest assured that this increase in confidence isn’t going anywhere. You lost yourself a bit last year. That won’t be the case this year. Mercury retrogrades are feeling different this time around. The restriction is out the window. Use Mercury’s energy to get ahead of the game. The time is now. There was an ending to a burdensome situation in your life, why are you still waiting for reconciliation, when you know the other person isn’t. Baby! Liberate yourself, you are sacrificing your success by holding on.


My heart goes out to you Libra! I can only imagine the challenges you are facing. What happened? You were on top of your game. Did you over splurge again? Baby, get out of your head, come back to your body and plant your feet firmly on the ground. You had a beautiful love with someone who shines so brightly. Your sex life was amazing, and they were so loyal to you. Why did you let go? I get the feeling that this person was your lucky charm and that’s why all these challenges came to you all at once, when they left. Now if you are not struggling financially, I do see health issues are affecting you. Try to make amends to those you have wronged, or even those who have wronged you. You are carrying a lot of emotional hardships which are now, starting to manifest physically. Clear your energy field, go get a massage, a Reiki session or buy a Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite crystal bracelet. You feel really blocked. The crystals will help you clear out those blockages.


You’re becoming very ambitious. You want fulfillment, you want success. You’re definitely serious about building your wealth and turning your dreams into reality. You’ve also come to realize that you don’t have to prove anything to anyone, your wealth, projects and attitude speaks for itself. You’ve been swept off your feet by someone, this will be a more permanent and long lasting relationship as things are getting serious between the two of you. This is an abundant time for you, but don’t splurge on things that are not important. Don’t let your money rule your life.


You’re being asked to have faith in this situation. It’s time for you to lift yourself up and transform your life. You must be honest with yourself about what you really want. Determine the best course of action and rise above the challenges. Forgive your past mistakes, let them go. You’ve been in this bad relationship for a while now, it’s time to repair and heal it. Take a closer look at your relationship, what is causing your fights, and arguments. At times you fight for no reason. Weigh the pros and cons as the time has come to either make or break this relationship. You will have to make a financial decision. If it’s job related, you are starting to feel overworked and underpaid. Be very careful about the decisions you make, if things that are too good to be true, they usually are.


The past three years were beyond difficult. Your love life is heading in a new direction. If you are single, the Universe is bringing you someone who is ready to sweep you off your feet. Your soul is ready for true love & adventure. Stop looking at the past, nothing can hold you back now! This new cycle in your life is the beginning of a lasting foundation. The universe is at your feet, it’s time to move forward, luck is on your side.


You’re feeling heart broken. You’re conflicted and can’t seem to understand why you’re going through so many emotions when you did nothing, but loving things for your partner. Now they’ve left you feeling rejected, and inadequate. You might be feeling hopeless or depressed right now, but just know that this is temporary. The pain is guiding you towards the right direction in your life. In order to survive this chapter, you need to be ready to work through the pain and forgive the person that caused it. Breath and take it one step at a time. Your finances are overwhelming you. Debt is piling up. You’re being advice to start eliminating debt one small step at a time. Save money and spend less.


You’re determined to overcome a situation. You have found the inner strength to conquer obstacles. Going about it with composure and maturity, which speaks highly of yourself. You’re done trying to control people or situations, your focus is now in taming your inner beast. This is not the time for anger and rage. There’s a need for you to approach every situation with forgiveness, love and compassion. You might find yourself involved in a passionate romance, the connection between you two is so intense that you both are prone to jealousy, anger and emotional explosions. Assure your partner that you love them and no one else. You’ve been working on controlling your impulses, which is leading you to have more control over situations. Continue to practice self-care. Perfect time to start your own business.

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