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Moon & Planetary 



Moon Rituals


Full Moon Rituals

New Moon Rituals

Create a Sacred Space

Light candles, Get Fresh Flowers, Take out your Crystals , put music on

Cleanse your Space

Open the window & burn Sage, Palo Santo


Visualize everything  that you have to let go off, feel your emotions, write it our,  read the paper out loud and burn it off, release it, take a bath.

Enjoy the Moonlight

Charge your crystals with the moon light, charge water by placing it outside. go on a walk and charge yourself. 

Create a Sacred Space

Light candles, get fresh flowers, put music on, get a journal, take out your crystals

Cleanse your Space

Open the window & burn Sage, Palo Santo


Visualize your dreams, feel your emotions, make a gratitude list, set your goals and intentions. 

Enjoy the Moonlight

Take a bath, ground yourself, charge your crystals set up your Altar. Charge your water, go on a walk, dance and laugh. 

Full Moon & New Moon Calendar for the year

January 17, 2022
Full Moon in Cancer "Wolf Moon"

February 16, 2022
Full Moon in Leo "Snow Moon"

March 18, 2022
Full Moon in Virgo " Worm Moon"

April 16, 2022
Full Moon in Libra "Pink Moon"

May 16, 2022
Full Moon in Scorpio " Flower Moon" 

June 14, 2022
Full Moon in Sagittarius " Strawberry Moon"

July 13, 2022
Full Moon in Capricorn "Buck Moon"

August 11, 2022
Full Moon in Aquarius "Sturgeon Moon"

September 10, 2022
Full Moon in Pisces "Harvest Moon"

October 9, 2022
Full Moon In Aries "Hunter's Moon"

November 8, 2022
Full Moon in Taurus "Beaver Moon"

December 7, 2022
Full Moon in Gemini "Cold Moon" 



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